Bloggerheads lays into Guido

Tim Ireland, an honest and truthful gent, lays into Guido Fawkes, a nasty, little shit (apologies for the foul language, but this is one of the rare cases it is justified).

It’s about time that people started exposing Guido (or Paul Staines, except he is too cowardly to come out) for the scumbag that he really is.

Paul Staines’ purpose in life is entirely destructive and serves no useful purpose whatsoever. He’s not even funny, simply nasty.

Tim is right to call time on Staines and correctly points out that Staines’ isn’t a proper blogger and isn’t political.

If you want to read an intelligent, funny right wing blog then head over to Iain Dale’s Diary. I disagree fundamentally with Iain’s political outlook, but I do share one thing with him – we both believe in trying to make the world a better place and putting more into society than we take out.

It’s just that my politics work, and his don’t smile_wink

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  1. While there is much wrong with Guido, Tim Ireland is not the man to bring him down.

    As usual the post is over long and often petty. His argument against anonymous comments is overstated. He dwells on Dennis Paul, a particularly nasty, local to Tim, would-be Tory councillor with whom he is constantly battling. Paul endorsed Guido. So what? Lots of people link to him and we all know we can’t stop nasty people from linking to us.

    So you have to read a lot of nonsense before Tim hits on anything that could damage Guido.

    Betraying sources is the big the one, surely. But instead of leading on this, Tim makes it point 11 of 11 when he rounds things up at the end. The stuff about manipulating debate (easily summarised as: Guido edits and deletes comments he dislikes and uses false identities to create the illusion of support and bully opponents) should come second. That he recycles stories first reported elsewhere is a so what. That he risks bringing blogging into disrepute in a way that may bring on regulation is a conclusion.

    The rest of Tim’s list? Points four to seven are just insults; eight opens Tim to accusations of hypocrisy; nine is just another insult; ten may have some merit.

    Hypocrisy? Tim tried to get publicity for his ‘’ campaign by making up nonsense about the Labour Party bringing the site down with a denial of service attack. According to Nominet, this domain is registered to the Blair Group, an organisation you’ll struggle to track down. The much trailed follow-up,, belongs to an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.

  2. Stephen,

    If it were just about Guido and the need to damage him, then certainly No. 11 alone would have done… but it's not just about Guido.

    I also seem to recall that the BB 'DOS' story was blown out of all proportion by someone who remained very anonymous, and was less than honest about the way they presented their case.

    As for – I can guarantee you that our names will soon be above the door (as if it's not obvious who's behind it already).


  3. There was never any attempt to hide the people behind Backing Blair. Every page on the site pointed out that it was an initiative of Bloggerheads and The UK Today, neither of which hid anything. And as Simon pointed out, it was easy enough to find contact information via a whois lookup. But hey, Stephen, a letter to the address at Nominet would only have cost a few minutes and the price of a stamp, and you'd have been able to get in touch that way as well.

    And as Tim pointed out, the DOS thing was blown out of all proportion by a much more anonymous individual who appeared out of the woodwork, before disappearing again…

  4. Tim Ireland, honest and truthful? This is the same Tim Ireland that stole one of my images for use in his anti-Guido campaign. Hardly a picture of virtue, and this is only the most recent instance of his dirty, dishonest tricks.

  5. In deference to Stuart, this will be my last comment on the matter.

    Jackie, can I suggest that:

    a) if you want to protect your property, you be more careful about how and where you leave it.

    b) you study the supporting information regarding Creative Commons.

    c) You resist the temptation to make unsubstantiated allegations in a public forum.

    d) You expend a modicum of effort considering you actions before making yourself look like a pawn in another party's pissing exercise.


  6. Clive, why on earth would I care what I "look like" to people who hold Tim Ireland in any esteem?

    Tim, you've been corrected more than once about the fact that I published the photo with all rights reserved, and you still persisted in using it. You finally ceased after I threatened to go legal on you (it would have been money very well spent). It's called the truth; you may want to look into it.

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