Help a PR student’s social media viral marketing experiment

PR student Samantha Wilcox is conducting a little experiment to see if she can help seed some social media interest in her friend’s band.

Following the success of the Arctic Monkeys, Sandi Thom etc I have found a band (ok my friend’s band) that are having limited success by themselves and adopted them for my social media experiment. I want to try and launch the band via social media techniques and see just how powerful a marketing tool the superhighway has become. Can a girl blogging really get the attention of those in the music industry that matter? Blogging is helping more people than ever communicate but how far can it be heard?

The band is The Broken Things and has a website and a YouTube video.

Sam says she’s going to keep a record of the band’s success in getting noticed and using Technorati tags and a custom page might help her to do this.


Technorati tags: Samantha Wilcox, Broken Things

2 Replies to “Help a PR student’s social media viral marketing experiment

  1. Whilst I think this may be useful as an experiment…the whole reason for the success of bands like the Monkeys and Lily Allen was the fact that Myspace was such an under-used vehicle. Unfortunately Sam, I feel that you may have missed the boat on this one!

    But I am intrigued to see how you get on!!

    Good luck

  2. Just posted this on Sam's blog, but I'll précis it here. Doesn't the very existence of Sam's experiment artificially skew the band's chances of social media success?

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