Congratulations to Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher

Just a week after the ill-fated demise of TechCrunch UK, Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher are back with the launch of Vecosys – tracking European start-ups.

I think this is the first time a new blog has gone straight into my ‘Must read’ folder in FeedDemon. I’m expecting it to be that good and I’m confident Sam and Mike won’t let me down.

Still seems to me that the only person to come out of this looking like an arse. Apologies for the bad language, but very, very occasionally it is justified, although never the foul language used by Michael Arrington (in a post he subsequently removed). I don’t know how anyone could ever trust a word says again. His professional and business credibility is now less than zero.

Actually, I do know how I could take him seriously again. All he has to do is say “Sorry readers, I acted like an arse and was in the wrong. I’m very sorry for everyone I’ve let down and promise to try to act better in the future.”

Now that in my book would be professional, ethical and moral.

But much more importantly get stuck into Vecosys, which promises to be a much crunchy, thought provoking blog than its pale competitor across the Atlantic. Subscribe to the feed or miss out.


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