New look blog and win a bottle of champagne

…the world’s leading… was very quick (a rat out of a drainpipe?) in spotting that I’ve changed both my banner and the name of this blog. It speculates about why I’ve chosen that particular landscape.

So here’s an open competition for the blogosphere. There’s a bottle of champagne for the first one to identify what the scene in the picture. If the winner’s somewhere impractical to get the champagne to you then I’ll come up with something else for you.

I also left a comment explaining part of my reason:

Good to know I’ve got at least one reader 😉 Normally takes me ages to find someone has changed their design as I just see the feed.

I’ve never been comfortable with the guru thing. It wasn’t my idea originally but came from a Christmas party we hosted for clients. It was in the heady days of daft budgets and daft job titles in the dot com madness. They came up with the guru tag as a joke, but it kind of stuck, so eventually I just went with the flow.

I’m still not convinced by using guy, but it’s better than my first idea which was a PR pro smile_wink

14 Replies to “New look blog and win a bottle of champagne

  1. Don't forget to change the 'title' as defined in the HTML header, Stuart. If you look at the bar at the top of your browser window, you'll see your 'guru' status remains intact… and will still appear as the title of any search results, etc etc. Depending on how you've built your Typepad templates, it should just be a case of changing the 'Weblog name' on the 'Configure' tab.

    It also wouldn't do any harm to compress the header image down a bit… 82Kb is a bit steep, even in a broadband world. Save it as a maximum quality JPG, and you'd be able to cut it by half, without compromising image (or text) quality.

    No idea where the pic is taken, though. I've tried various sneaky ways to find out, but no joy. 🙂

  2. I think you should have stuck with 'guru'. True, it's a little boastful but it's memorable. I'm not wild about 'guy' – I cringe whenever anyone uses that horrible Americanism 'you guys' to a group of women – but you should choose whatever you're comfortable with.
    I do love your header photo. My guess is a Scottish sealoch. Loch Linnhe?

  3. Stephen, sorry mate but 'the Lake District' is pathetic especially for those who know that's where I originally come from.

    Martin was very close, but wrong as his bearings are all out.

    James' second answer wins. It is indeed Ennerdale Water. I'll drop a bottle of champagne in to the office, next time I'm in London.

    My next quiz could be 'how many lakes are there in the lake district'?

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