Mark Mellor of Firefly at IPRA Summit

Mark did the usual blog conference speaker introduction of talking about how quickly things are changing so presentations from last month need to be rewritten if they are to be applicable today.

The first generation of the internet was dominated by professional content creators while the second generation is driven by the users who are creating their own content.

It impacts on everyone in this room – in-house, consultancy, public sector, private sector, not-for-profit.

Now using a slide with the Shift Communications logo and promoting its new PR 2.0 document (PDF I’ve note read it yet, but Todd and Shift know their stuff so probably worth a read) and also the Media Guerilla blog.

All pretty basic stuff, but essential for the senior level audience that IPRA attracts. Key advice includes use an aggregator, provide RSS feeds, good online media centre, monitor what is being said.

"The rules are still being written for how to engage with blogging"

"Putting the public back into public relations"

It is possible to engage commercially in this area

  1. Understand it – have a look at Second Life, YouTube and other social media. You can only learn by trying it.
  2. Transparency – be open
  3. Missed it – because of an urgent incoming IM!


  1. Familiarity and monitoring
  2. Engage with your audience – be transparent