Latest browser stats

Internet Explorer 7 is rapidly making its mark. The latest browser stats for this blog are:

Internet Explorer 6  54%
Firefox 1.5 15%
Internet Explorer 7 11%
Firefox 2  9%
Safari 5%

Opera and others are all 1% or lower.

My PR blog has a pretty tech savvy readership which is why it has always had such a high proportion of Firefox users. My political blog is probably far closer to ‘normal’ internet users. The browser stats for Stuart’s Soapbox are:

Internet Explorer 6  72%
Internet Explorer 7 9%
Firefox 1.5 9%
Firefox 2  7%
Safari 2%


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2 Replies to “Latest browser stats

  1. Interesting stuff. Have you seen any pick-up in RSS subscriptions given the penetration of IE7?

    That said the tech-savvy audience on your PR blog probably "get" RSS, but it would be interesting to see if the 9% of readers of your political blog who use IE7 are being "converted" to RSS.


    ps like the rebranding from "PR Guru" to "PR Guy"!

  2. You are in danger of making Bill Gates seem sexy. Maybe you need to read the Mark Borkowski post about how the head of Wired thinks of PR people… He has it about spot on – people with an over-inflated sense of their own importance who think they can 'influence' the media, when really it is just spitting out shitty emails to everyone on earth..Get a job!

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