Delegate feedback at ABS conference

Yesterday’s Association of Business Schools’ conference was great. I met lots of fantastic people who are responsible for the PR and marketing at some of the UK’s (and world’s) leading business schools.

I’ve also come away literally buzzing with ideas for how social media can be integrated into the corporate communications and marketing plans of business schools. The potential is very exciting and hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to work with some people and put some of these ideas into practice to show how the UK’s business schools can lead the world in social media – both for themselves, but even more importantly to show the wider business and corporate world what can be done.

At the end of the day ABS chief executive Jonathan Slack asked every delegate to say the one most important thing they had got from the day. This is what they said:

  • just how important new media is and the need to do something about it
  • Stuart gave us some useful websites that I can go away and use tomorrow – or maybe even tonight
  • Des and Stuart’s tips on how to structure a news story
  • the importance of an online media presence
  • the importance of embracing the internet professionally, even if you prefer to flick through a newspaper
  • the ability to and the importance of tracking website statistics
  • thank goodness we’re not the only ones who feel we are stuck in the 1970s and not sure what to do
  • understanding the difference between the university and faculty website and that most people will visit the university first (and maybe only)
  • reinforced the need to start doing something with blogs
  • need to start doing something with blogs, which is something I said I would do in my interview two months ago but still haven’t had time to start
  • the need to prepare academics before they meet with journalists
  • I need help!
  • Able to tap into Skills for Business for help with sourcing statistics and quotes
  • Need to do blogs but strictly controlled
  • the potential of blogs
  • technically aware but under resourced and see the need to proceed with urgency

The quotes are as ‘verbatim’ as my note taking allowed. The most useful journalistic skill that I wish I had is to do shorthand.