Top 100 UK blogs by Stephen Davies

The industrious Mr Davies has compiled a list of the Top 100 UK blogs – for comment and discussion, rather than as a definitive list.

My first thought is what is a UK blog? Commenting on Chris Lake’s blog Stephen questions if Loic Le Meur’s English blog is actually a UK blog or not. However, some on Stephen’s list beg the same question:

35. Neville Hobson – Neville is English, but it is only in the last two weeks that he has moved back to the UK from Amsterdam so 99% of his ‘influence’ is as an expat.

48. European Tribune – I’m not a 100% sure, but I thought this was a team blog with contributors from several countries.

79. AccMan – Dennis Howlett is another English expat but actually lives in sunny Spain.

There might be more, and the list also includes non-UK citizens who live in the UK. Which is more UK, a Brit in Spain or an American in London?

Sorry for the nit-picking but personally I don’t actually think it matters that much as Neville and Dennis both ‘feel UK’.

As many others have already said links are not a good measure. Personally I am far more interested in WHO is reading my blog. I don’t want a huge number of links or readers. I want the right people to read it. And from looking at the ISP addresses of my visitors, my comments and private emails/phone calls/IM I’m confident that I’ve mainly got people I want.