Technorati sucks really works

Manoj Ranaweera is the founder of ebdex, a Runcorn (near Manchester) based document exchange start-up. He blogs at Manoj Ranaweera’s Blog and for 73 days Technorati stopped recognising his blog and all attempts at contacting them failed.

When Manoj blogged with the tag of Technorati Sucks and it’s now 152,874th out of 55 million blogs. There are 56 links from 16 blogs and two people use ‘ebdex’ as a tag.

Well now there’s 57 links from 17 blogs and three people using ‘ebdex’.

This prompted me to look at my own ranking, which I haven’t done in ages. I’m now ranked at 10,074 out of 55 million blogs with 519 links from 204 blogs.

I know I always say ranks don’t matter but I’m so close to the top 10,000 I just want to make it. Help me please, give me some link love


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  1. Rob Skinner – I'm Rob Skinner. My family know me as Robert. My wife calls me Ert. (The part of 'Robert' that I don't always use...) I've been working in PR since 1987, mostly in financial services. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling reading, editing videos on my computer and practising my Welsh (dwi'n dod yn wreiddiol o Gaerdydd). And blogging. Do please post a comment! NOTE: this is my personal blog. It does not represent the views of the organisations I work for.
    Rob Skinner says:

    And just two days ago you said you weren't bothered about links!
    Yours in amusement, Rob

  2. Manoj Ranaweera – I lived with problems manual paper based invoices present for number of years. Little did I know then that one day I would set-up a company to eradicate duplication (and sometimes triplication) of effort from Business-2-Business (B2B) Purchase-to-Payment (P2P) and Supply-to-Cash (S2C) cycles. I started my Executive MBA programme at Manchester Business School in autumn 2002 hoping to move to management consultancy from engineering consultancy. The MBA open my eyes. Next Monday after submission of the M&A Project report, I joined an innovative company that operated within the EIPP industry. Unfortunately, the company suffered from structural issues at which point I set-up ebdex Ltd. ebdex intends to offer innovative solutions based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, helping organisations both small and large reduce operational costs in B2B document exchange. Previously I held various roles in engineering, project management, business development and operational management. I also have a B.Eng (Hons) degree from Brighton University, UK. I can be contacted at
    Manoj Ranaweera says:

    I did not realise this will be such a big thing. Congratulations on your ranking. Now I got to do a similar on Talk Talk sucks. Home phone has been out for more than two weeks. Took over a week to speak to someone. Now I get a text message saying engineers are on the case.

    Should have stayed with BT.


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