Management guru Charles Leadbeater’s new web first book on collaboration culture

Management guru Charles Leadbeater has published a draft of his new book on the collaboration culture, called We-Think, on a website and asked for your comments.

This is another great example of how the social interweb is enabling us to do things it was impossible to do before.

That said, it’s also a good example of one of the barriers that ebooks face. I might dip into bits of of the draft, but I’d still far prefer to have a paper copy I can read properly whenever and wherever I want. And crucially that I can pass on to a friend to encourage them to read it to. None of the stupid digital rights crap that prevents me from enjoying what I’ve paid good money for.

I also like the idea of having both a print and digital version. The print one is to read and enjoy. The digital one I will keep and use as an easily searchable reference.

Thanks to Antony Mayfield for the link.

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