Google recommends Windows Live for search – in praise of Microsoft

Try it yourself. Type search into Google, press “I’m feeling lucky” and you’re at the new, improved Microsoft Windows Live search.

In the last six months I’ve become almost totally Microsoftized:

  • Replaced my Palm V with a T-Mobile MDA Pro running Windows Mobile 5
  • Replaced Google Desktop search with Windows Desktop search
  • Replaced Trillian instant messaging with Windows Live Messenger (interoperability – I can now talk to Yahoo users, and I only know one person who uses AOL and they should change )
  • Replaced Zoundry blog editor with Windows Live Writer (but it needs to use a UK spell check)
  • Replaced Firefox with Internet Explorer 7 (well actually I now use both as neither work with 100% of sites I use, but I prefer IE7)
  • Replaced my mobile email access to use a Hotmail account instead of a gmail account
  • Abandoned my experiment with Open Office because Office 2007 is great (apart from PowerPoint where the ribbon is terrible so I have to keep going back to 2003 – also I frequently use PowerPoint’s on someone else’s PC so have to remember to do Save As, which is a pain)
  • Continued to use Onfolio, which has now been acquired by Microsoft and more tightly integrated into Windows Live Toolbar
  • Used lots of ‘notes/research’ programs and settled on settled on OneNote as the least bad of a terrible bunch. But why don’t Microsoft realise that people who like OneNote also like Onfolio and make them work together? I’m never sure which to use to save snippets of research. And it desperately needs two-way sync with OneNote Mobile, one-way is as much use as a chocolate fireguard

What I’m not using:

  • Outlook: looks pretty, but is pretty useless at helping you be more more productive. Is still totally outclassed by OfficeTalk (disclaimer, I do PR for its developer Softalk but used OfficeTalk for many years before I knew them). The big benefits of OfficeTalk over Outlook are that it is a proper collaboration tool that makes it easy to work as a real team (even if it is just two or three people) and secondly that is stores contracts properly as part of organisations and therefore has a history and pending view that means something and is actually useful. New version and exciting announcement about OfficeTalk later this week or early next.
  • Windows Live Favourites: I want to like it because seamless syncing my desktop favourites so I can use them on the road would be great. But it doesn’t work. Currently telling me “An unknown error happened while syncing.” I’m also constantly irritated by the arrogance of American companies who think they can foist their language on people who speak English. How many British software companies do you think would be arrogant enough to use UK spelling in the States?

I bet Tom Murphy’s smiling.

Thanks to PC Pro for the “search” story.


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  1. Stuart,

    I'm always smiling 🙂

    By the way there is bi-directional sync between OneNote and OneNote Mobile in 2007 – are you using the beta of OneNote?


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