Events list on this blog

Events list on this blog 1 I’ve been searching for a Web 2.0 event list application. None of those I’ve looked at really do the job, but I’ve settled on as the best of a disappointing bunch.

It does some of what I want. What I don’t like about it is:

  • Can’t customise the sidebar badge content. I want to publish events that I’m attending but not those that I’m watching. Upcoming can only publish both, which means I can’t watch anything.
  • I also need a way of publishing historical events that I’ve attended in the past, perhaps with a separate or two part badge.
  • The event categories available don’t really work for business events which nearly all have to go in Commercial or Other, neither of which is right.
  • More options for customising the display of the badge. I’m a PR communicator, not a web designer and I don’t have time to mess about with CSS but I’d like the badge to match my site better.

Apart from that it is pretty good and I’ve already found one new event that I’m going to attend.


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