Using social media for PR

I’m spending some time at the moment experimenting with different social media tools and looking at how we can use them to enhance our client’s PR programmes.

The first ‘experiment’ that’s gone live is to use a RSS feed to list recent media coverage for our client Softalk. I’m probably going to change this to a linkroll, but a feed was much quicker than trying to style a linkroll. You can see it on the Softalk Let’s talk business blog (which we’re in the process of redecorating at the moment).

Within the next month we hope to be unveiling initiatives that will use social media news releases, PBwiki, YouTube, CrispyNews and Trailfire (thanks to Todd Defren for helping me to understand why this might be useful).

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  1. Thanks Stephen, just had a quick look at wikidot looks OK. I've had a look at a few options and had just decided on PBwiki, but wikidot might actually replace it.

    Good job I hadn't done too much work on the other 😉

  2. I've been thinking along the same lines recently, especially with the beta launch of Cogenz. I eman, I get it, but I can't instantly saee the major benefits.

    Same with tagging. Great. What significant added value will it bring to a client/business etc?

  3. Hi Simon

    One way to use tags within is to use them to bring some order to many articles on a blog.

    This is particulary useful for TypePad blogs as categories are limited.

    Give each story a couple of descriptive tags using, feature these tags on your site and people can track down all the articles that use each tag.

    Something similar should be done with Technorati, especially as it is integrated into TypePad.

  4. I know I'm on the other side and thus discounted. 😉

    But would really like a feed above all. Sod your multimedia – like anyone, if you can do part of the research bit for me, then that's 75% of the battle.

    Forget Trailfire. It really is shit. I spent nearly an hour following trails and nothing enlightened me at all. Maybe someone who had never used a web app before would be wowed, for all of five minutes. But any PR that invites me onto one, unless it's in a webex (or similar) environment will get short change.

    Sorry again. Delicious accounts is a fab idea though.

  5. Hi Craig

    Thanks for that – useful suggestion.

    I can see how your suggestions will help tidy/organise blogs better (and I will probably be using them) but what about adding business value by using tags?

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