PR’s War of Independence

One of the wonders of RSS is that it is really easy to keep up with what’s happening. I’m in Edinburgh today speaking at the New PR Conference, but am checking news and blog posts using NewsBreak on my Pocket PC and I’m posting using Typepad Mobile. I’m not being rude as I’ve heard Chris Rushton before, most recently last week.

One post that caught my eye and is definitely worth reading is CIPR president Tony Bradley’s lunch with Harold Burson.

Harold is proud of our profession and what’s us to reclaim public relations as our name, rather than hiding behind communications.

I’ll post more on this when I’m back in the office.

2 Replies to “PR’s War of Independence

  1. Thanks for the link Stuart. As someone who has spent the last 30 years of his life working in PR and proud of what I do for a living, I think you and Mr Burson have got something here.

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