MPs get down with the kids on YouTube

I’m Simon Dickson should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in how new media is impacting on government, democracy and campaigning.

He now brings us news that the Home Affairs Select Committee is using YouTube to help it consult with young people in its Citizen Calling initiative.

Committee chairman John Denham (tipped by some as an outsider in the Labour leadership contest) is on YouTube in a video “supposedly” recorded on a mobile phone.

I agree with Simon that it looks like a classic case of “medium not the message.”

However, I think we should applaud initiatives such as this as well as commercial ones like the much derided YouTube video and the Dell blog.

It is early days and people are still learning how to walk the talk. I don’t believe there are any ‘experts’ out there, just a bunch of people who have more of a clue than most. That is certainly the category I would put myself in, along with my fellow speakers at the New PR conference.

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  1. Can't remember whether you reported on it, Stuart, but one of the Government's departments put some promo videos up on YouTube too recently.

    Again it was a medium vs message situation but today's PR Week has picked it up (via a blog no doubt) and reported on the negative comments the videos have received.

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