Dell and great customer service stories

Back in July I blogged about how we’d just bought a new Dell laptop and were really impressed by the customer service. This followed the experience of my parents who also had fantastic service when they bought a laptop just before last Christmas.

Well it just keeps getting better and better. On Tuesday my Dad found that his power adapter was dead. He phoned Dell just after lunch and in less than five minutes they had promised to send him a new one. By lunch on Wednesday it had arrived. It would have been earlier but my parents live down an isolated track in the English Lake District and the delivery driver had trouble finding it. What’s even better is that Dell phoned my Dad later that afternoon just to check it had arrived and that it worked.

Dell is fantastic.

I have a Watford Aries desktop PC which is about 15 months old. After about 10 months it developed an intermittent fault with the power supply – sometimes it simply wouldn’t turn on. I spent ages on the phone with technical support – never once with someone who could speak clear English or could be bothered to be friendly. The problem was never resolved, although admittedly I didn’t chase them properly as the problem was intermittent. Eventually they agreed to post me a new power supply that I would fit myself. It never arrived.

Watford Computers are crap. They are scum who wouldn’t know what good customer service is if it jumped up and bit them on the nose. Don’t touch these rip off merchants with a barge pole.

Yesterday the problem returned and my PC wouldn’t turn on. A call to my local high street computer shop (the Rothwell Computer Centre no less) resulted in me dropping off my dead PC and collecting my working PC about an hour later. All done with friendly smiles and jokes by guys who really sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

Rothwell Computer Centre is fantastic.

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  1. I fully agree with you here Stuart. I once partnered with them for a business I owned. Let's just say everytime I left I needed to count how many arms and legs I left with.

    If there is ever an award for bad service and we don't give a sh%t then Watford Electronics would win it.

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