David Cameron’s India blog

David Cameron, UK Conservative Party leader, is visiting India this week and is blogging about it. Normally I would counsel clients against using blogger.com as a platform but in this case it is a smart move. It helps position Dave as a man of the people using the same, free blog as the rest of us.

He’s even video blogging, although using Google Video rather than YouTube.

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4 Replies to “David Cameron’s India blog

  1. Is there a tautology here Stuart together with a bit of over eager arse licking? "It helps position Dave as a man of the people using the same, free blog as the rest of us."

    You're on TypePad – which is better than Blogger which is crap. So Dave goes for crap – like the rest of us? Surely not. Whatever next, we'd have to talk about 'man of the people' 🙂 🙂

  2. Funny that the #1 blog in the country is on blogger and so is the number #2 (Iain Dale).

    Your clients are ill advised andwasting their money. If you have high traffic blogger is more robust.

    If you have 7 readers doesn't really matter what service you use.

    (Love your photo – do you advise your clients to have pictures of themselves doing David Brent impersonations?)

  3. Guilty as charged Dennis, but you know what I meant.

    And Guido I wouldn't expect you to fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of different blog platforms. The main problem with blogger is that you don't get to own your domain and links, which is a big problem for most professional/serious blogs. A second is that it 'feature light' and up until recently hadn't been upgraded in ages.

    As you know I think Iain writes a very good blog and deserves to be number one 😉

  4. Err, you can have your own domain with blogger or you can have them host it – what kind of self-styled "guru" are you? Infact when News International tried to injunct me the mirror hosted site via http://www.Order-Order.com was fired up beeyond their legal reach. Iain and I choose not to host it because when we get traffic spikes we'd rather have the backing of Google behind us to take the strain.

    I get six figure traffic days on occasion – the site is very graphics rich – when that happens you need serious capacity. Thankfully Google's top brass make special efforts to look after us.

    You do talk bollocks. "More professional"? Which blog is the most profitable in the UK? Stick to ripping off the public sector – they don't know any better.

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