Arts Council gig in Liverpool

I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow to speak at an Arts Council Get Digital conference on social media. Rather than use the usual dull PowerPoint (not that mine are ever dull!) I’ve put together a list of prompts using This means I’ll be delivering it live and hoping that FACT’s internet connection doesn’t let me down.

Using makes it easy for delegates to go back to the list after the conference and explore the links at their leisure.

The conference is organised by Don’t Panic, who are also behind the New PR conference (PDF brochure) that we’re repeating in Edinburgh next Wednesday (still a few places left if you want to book). New PR conference speakers Philip Young and Chris Rushton from the University of Sunderland are also on the bill tomorrow.

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    Ellee Seymour says:

    This sounds really progressive, I'd love to have seen it. What was the response?

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