The internet’s just for kids – right?

geriatric1927.jpgAll this internet and social media stuff is just for isn’t it and older people are facing a bleak future of digital exclusion.

Tell that to Peter, a 79 year-old “living in the middle of England”, who as geriatric1927 has become the latest start of YouTube. He’s already had 430,000 views of his videos, approaching 7,000 subscribers and almost 9,000 comments.

Thanks to Antony Mayfield for the story (thanks to Rob Skinner I’m no longer doing hat tips because he’s right and I’m wrong to use jargon).

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2 Replies to “The internet’s just for kids – right?

  1. Stuart – sorry if I showed disrespect for what is obviously a buzz phrase amongst long-standing bloggers! But thanks for taking note that many of who are new to blogging – and reading blogs – will find such phrases obscure.

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