Testing Windows Live Writer

I normally use Zoundry to publish all of my blog posts. Unlike many bloggers I am actually a fan of Microsoft software so I’m immediately trying the beta of the new Windows Live Writer. First impressions are very favourable. One feature that looks good is the ability to preview your post as it will actually look on your blog. It also appears to have fantastic graphics editing facilities, which should make it much easier to improve the look of my blogs.

However, there is one serious problem which renders Windows Live Writer totally useless. There doesn’t appear to be anyway of selecting which blog you want to post your entry to. You can choose which Weblog Account you want, but not which blog belonging to that account. This is a real shame because otherwise it looks potentially very good.

Another major niggle is that the spell checker doesn’t work – or rather it isn’t proper English which might be acceptable for a small US software company but it totally unacceptable for Microsoft. The only real omission is that it doesn’t support tags, although I’m not totally convinced by tags and only use them because Zoundry makes it easy.

Inserting links isn’t as easy as it should be. Zoundry automatically uses any link I’ve copied, while Windows Live Writer makes me paste it.

One thing that it does have that should hopefully very soon make some of my criticisms redundant is the Windows Live Writer SDK which enables “developers to extend the capabilities of Writer to publish additional content types.” It will be interesting to see what emerges and how quickly.

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  1. Hmmm, I've experimented with Blogger. Don't have an difficulty with multiple blogs, but it does insert little MS-isms into the code. I opened an existing post and republished without making any changes. Did it look the same afterwards? Of course not.

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