Temporary Post Used For Style Detection (811f14ee-25e3-4a98-bf6e-0d5e6bfa3059)

This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Please delete this manually. (1b66f68b-e8b4-4f45-8ddf-b4e5aa1b011c)

2 Replies to “Temporary Post Used For Style Detection (811f14ee-25e3-4a98-bf6e-0d5e6bfa3059)

  1. You should create a sandbox for this sort of thing. A blog on the same platform as this on which you can experiment with new stuff, template changes et cetera.

  2. Good idea although that is where it was meant to go. Having a bit of difficulty getting it to work properly with multiple blogs on the same account – works perfectly if using different accounts. This was meant to go my 'spare' sandbox blog. The other problem is that Windows Live Writer appears to have to create this post in order to get the styles from your blog – which is why it has appeared twice.

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