Proud of PR

One benefit of giving academics a long summer break is that it gives them time to think and write fantastic articles like this one by Richard Bailey who is Proud of PR.

Inspired by Richard I think we should all do a bit more to say why we are proud of PR. My first modest contribution is this button that I’m going to display in my sidebar linking to Richard’s post.

So show that you’re proud of PR and display the button on your blog (copying it, rather than linking to my site).

As soon as I have time (and a volunteer designer) I’ll follow it up with mugs, badges, t-shirts etc using a site like CafePress or eQuisto. The proceeds can be set up to go to a charity (given the global nature of the audience it should be something international).

Too busy to do more at the moment but will get back on to it at the weekend. In the meantime if you want to volunteer to help then get in touch.

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4 Replies to “Proud of PR

  1. David Tebbutt – London, UK – I look after the Ickenham Residents' Association website and Twitter account. My business life is explained at and I believe you can find your way from there to my Facbook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
    David Tebbutt says:

    PR PRIDE surely?

    I suppose a triangular badge would be going too far?

  2. I'm not quite sure if the world is ready for the T-shirt bit yet. Unless we wear them while marching around government buildings, chanting and waving protest signs.

    The PR pride parade, it has a nice ring to it.

  3. Stuart – I applaud anything which helps us and others to feel good about this profession of ours and have added a link from PR Voice. Good luck with it!

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