2 Replies to “Just what is a great PR company?

  1. Six minutes? Sheer luxury.

    Earlier this year I was doing a bit of mentoring for a bunch of people who were 'beauty-parading' for venture capital. Their challenge was to capture and hold the vc's interest.

    They had seconds. It was horrible, brutally hacking away at the verbiage and reducing their life's work to a few sentences, but it worked.

  2. To bear out my point on how tough it is to get a simple, unique value proposition, take the following 3 examples – I haven't singled these 3 out for any reason, because you could apply this to pretty much any PR company. Can you tell which agency is which with the names removed?

    1. You are probably looking at this website because your brand needs a different type of support. You want to work with an agency that both challenges you and helps shape your thinking. You want an agency that is part of your team. You want advisors who achieve results that help make the difference to your bottom line. xxx consults to some of the world's greatest brand names. We also work with innovative challenger brands looking to punch above their weight. We've grown because our clients trust us to deliver results, not just promises.

    2. xxx delivers inspired communications consultancy on target, on time and on budget, but above expectation. Our fresh thinking, straight talking and specialist skills set new standards in the industry. xxx has established itself as a leading independent European communications consultancy, with a proven and award-winning track record in reaching business and consumer audiences. It is critical that any investment in communications can deliver demonstrable and directly business-supporting results. That is the basis of our philosophy and promise to our clients.

    3. xxx is a global public relations consultancy working with leading and emerging brands in the most demanding industry sectors around the world, delivering predictable results, tied tightly to client goals, at a predictable cost.

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