Freeserve founder back to launch privacy browser

Surfing: Ajaz Ahmed and his new product, Browzar.The Yorkshire Post has a story about Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed’s latest venture which is “a new internet browser which allows users to surf the web without leaving a history of websites visited and protects against leaving personal details on computers.”

I bet the security folk love that as assorted terrorists and weirdos flock to Browzar to try and cover their tracks.

One thing that I find puzzling is that I assume Ajaz isn’t short of a bob or two but the naff photo looks like one you would only use for a client with an extremely low budget.

Ajaz is still Yorkshire-based so I wonder what PR firm he is using to handle the launch? Anyone know?

Let’s see if TechCrunch UK is going to cover this UK-based Web 2.0 start-up.

UPDATE: Just explored a bit more of Browzar’s website and discovered this is one sick company. In a poor attempt at humour I jested that Browzar would be used by “terrorists and weirdos” but I’m horrified to discover that’s exactly who they are targeting.

It boasts about how you can use it to hide the fact you search for things like ‘How do I perform a decent murder’ and porn sites.

UPDATE TWO: PR is being handled by Manchester-based Chameleon PR.

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  1. I know Ajaz and know for a fact he only got 6 figures from freeserve. And it is a total joke that he founded it! Bless him…

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