Dell hell Dell rocks

Dell hell is a familiar phrase amongst bloggers griping about Dell’s poor customer service. That’s why I was pleased to see Neville Hobson and Stephen Davies both blogging about how in their experience Dell rocks.

That’s my experience as well. Late last year my Mum was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. My Dad wanted to get her a laptop so she could browse the internet wherever she was in the house, garden or summer house. I advised him to buy a Dell (can’t remember the model). We explained we needed it before Christmas because I needed to be there to set up the wireless network for them. The salesman said we’d missed the final order date for pre-Christmas deliveries but he would see what he could do. It arrived in time. One very happy Mum.

Inspired by that experience we bought a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. Delivery was meant to be in five to seven days. It arrived after two or three. That’s good customer service – you under promise and over deliver.

Sadly that’s not always true of public relations consultancies. Too often I’ve had to persuade disillusioned companies to give us a try after they’ve had a bad experience with a PR firm that promised the earth but didn’t deliver. Usually they actually did do really good work, their only mistake was in making grandiose promises in order to win the contract.

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  1. My mother actually got a new Dell via work and I was quite surprised at the build quality. Better than the creaky Dells I had a few years ago. They're not ThinkPad quality yet, but like I said, I was surprised.

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