Technorati public relations list isn’t very good

After looking at the PubSub public relations list I thought I’d take a look at the Technorati one. It’s not very good would be the most charitable thing you could say about it. Nine of the top 20 aren’t even blogs about public relations. Just because you tag a post with public relations doesn’t mean that’s what the post is about or that’s what the blog is about. I hope PubSub can survive and continue to grow its community lists which for me certainly have a lot more value than Technorati’s lists.

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  1. The PubSub Community Lists are very explicitly edited by human beings rather than generated by automated processes. We spent a good bit of time experimenting with and thinking about ways to have the machines do automated categorization but came to the conclusion that even the best machine-based algorithms are still not able to provide the level of quality that real humans can. Ray Kurtzweil, Bill Joy, and others warn that one day the machines may make us mere humans redundant, however, we've still got a few years of utility left to us mere humans!

    There is a time and a place for everything. Some things machines are good at and other things are best left to real people.

    bob wyman

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