Sick spam email targets MND sufferers

The MND Association recently published a news release warning people not to fall for a sick spam email that offers an expensive cobra venom treatment for Motor Neurone Disease.

Dr Belinda Cupid, Research Manager at the MND Association, said: “It is plainly wrong and exploitative for a clinic to charge a substantial fee for a treatment where there is no reliable evidence that it works.

“We understand it’s frustrating for people that there is no effective treatment currently available for themselves or their loved ones with MND. But people do need to consult with their neurologist before embarking on any unconventional or unproven treatment.”

Apologies for departing from my normal PR, marketing, technology and public sector topics but this is a subject close to my heart. My mum suffers from MND so I want to do what I can to help spread the word.

One of the most popular and commented on (272 comments) posts on my old councillor blog was a news release that I issued warning about a hoax letter pretending to be from John Craig, a seven year old boy suffering from cancer.

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