ResponseSource’s Willcox starts to blog

Daryl Willcox, the man behind the invaluable ResponseSource service, has started the DWPubSporadic blog based on his email newsletters of the same name. Now that I’ve subscribed to the feed all I’ve got to figure out is how to unsubscribe to the ezine.

I’m slowly starting to regain control of my in-box by getting rid of ezines in favour of RSS feeds and using a decent spam filter on our mail server (the excellent WorkgroupMail from our client Softalk – we eat our own dog food at BMA PR!). Those organisations that persist in only providing email newsletters are beginning to annoy me. Six to 12 months ago it was acceptable but with the imminent launch of IE7 we’ll have mainstream take-up of RSS. Once this happens then a failure to provide a feed will be extremely foolish.

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