Recycle this – creative ideas for reusing stuff is a newish website/blog that provides “creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff”.

Stephen ‘PR Blogger’ Davies has been asking what is the future for the regional press in the brave new world of social media and consumer generated media. Well I found out about Leeds-based Recyclethis in a short two paragraph story in the Yorkshire Evening Post that comes through my letterbox. I can’t imagine for a minute having read this story on-line. I can scan my whole paper YEP in two or three minutes with another five or so if I spot articles of interest. Absolutely no way I could do it that quickly on-line. Slightly ironic that I’m praising dead tree media in a post about recycling.

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2 Replies to “Recycle this – creative ideas for reusing stuff

  1. Thanks Stuart, I was hoping you'd give a response.

    I wouldn't mind getting hold of some circulation figures for regional press if any are available. I think if they are indeed showing a decline then there's solid argument for regional agencies to work across other communication platforms.

  2. Stephen

    A good starting point would be the Newspaper Society,

    I think you will find that some smaller local papers are rather more vibrant than you might think. In the North East, for example, have a look at the Hexham Courant and the Teesdale Mercury, both rather traditional papers that are currently enjoying a new lease of life.

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