PubSub’s last breath puts A PR Guru’s Musings at number 2?

It has been a while since I last looked at PubSub so when Neville Hobson posted about its possible imminent demise I thought I’d take a look. And it’s a good job that I did as I get a chance to preserve this screen shot for posterity showing this old blog at number two on the PR list. I shouldn’t really be chuffed as I keep explaining to people that it’s not numbers that matter for a blog it’s the quality and relevance of your audience – 23 readers might be better than 2,323 if they are the right 23. Still can’t help admitting it brought a smile to my face.

I’m not exactly sure how it works but after Danny Rogers’ comments about the lack of UK PR blogs it’s worth noting that as well as this blog at 2 you have Neville Hobson at 9, Antony Mayfield at 20, David Phillips at 24, Drew B at 26 and Stephen Davies at 27 – all of these have I think been in the top 10 and all are regularly in the top 30.

The community lists are actually one of the best things about PubSub in that they are compiled (although not ranked) by a human so they tend to be a lot more relevant than Technorati.

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