If it’s good enough for Tony…

“My friends and colleagues know I have absolutely no interest in football…” could easily have been the start of one of my posts, but these are actually the words of CIPR president Tony Bradley. They are music to my ears because I am consistently being told that you need to be interested in football because it is an important social skill for PR people to be able to chat to clients, journalists and other networking contacts. Telesales calls are annoying enough at anytime but are doubly so during the World Cup when you first of all have to endure their witterings about tonight’s or last night’s match.

I can now rest easy knowing it’s not just me who publicly expresses a dis-interest in football. If Tony can get away with this in the home of the Toon Army then I can get away with it in first division Leeds. I suspect our mutual friend Stephen “PR Blogger” Davies will disagree!

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  1. Until about…ooooh…..5 years ago I had zippo interest in footie. To me it was a game for unintelligent yobs and sad gits with nothing better to do or who had need of an almost acceptable reason for not going shopping with 'er indoors on a Saturday afternoon. After all, we're cricket lovers – cos that's a game for thinking people innit? Then Jude and I went to Tenerife for a winter break at our timeshare.

    The Sunday of our week there, we sauntered into a bar just as a Real Madrid match was starting on the 50 inch TV. The bar was packed. The atmosphere was electric, charged with passion. We were immediately hooked.

    Today I live in Spain – which is ironic as I'd never had a desire to be here. And I can confidently say I'm an addict. As are 90%+ of all Spanish males I've come across. I can't wait for our first trip to the Bernebeu or Nou Camp.

    The passion one develops is great for fuelling blog efforts. Don't ask me how it works (though I have a degree in psych I struggle to figure the connection.)

    It's been a real temptation to blog on the World Cup stuff but I have to exercise restraint – which is also good for my blog efforts. (You should see what I've discarded as way too risky these last few days).

    The one thing I will say is that Zizou's goal last night (my heart is with the French national side) almost had me in tears. I swear I could see it coming. Graceful and in a class I'd equate to Nijinsky (both horse and ballet star.) That's it. And thanks for the opportunity to write just a smidgeon on the truly Beautiful Game.

  2. The World Cup so far has been excellent (bar the disappointing England games) and I have used it many times as an ice breaker and not just in PR situations. However, the idea that football knowledge equals social skills is slightly naïve. Have you ever spoke to the anoraks who can name the winner of the 1985 Milk Cup? There is a very good reason why they are usually on their own in the local pub.

  3. Stuart if I can help you feel part of the wider PR community in spite of your (our) failings then I'm happy to be of service.

    Mind, being in Brazil when they were playing in a world cup game was pretty exciting even for a non-believer like myself!

  4. Until Trinidad and Tobago's Soca Warriors qualified for the World Cup, and played in such a way that one could have been quite proud to say 'I'm a Trinbagonian!, regardless of the result, I didn't care who was in the World Cup or who had won. All I knew was that Brazil was a football dominator and that France won the World Cup in 1998. Now, I'll be following football games, and hope to be in South Africa wearing my red, white and black. Oh, and Stephen, like you saw on my blog, I found a way to write about PR and the World Cup at the same time 🙂

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