How low can Labour’s on-line comms go?

As a loyal Labour Party activist I’m almost too angry for words about how bad Labour’s on-line communications strategy is. The latest pathetic attempt is announced in an email to Labour Party members purporting to come from from Alastair Campbell. Sadiq Khan MP and Alastair have both started “Labour’s World Cup blogs“.

Quite what they are meant to achieve is beyond me. Doesn’t anyone at Old Queen Street have a clue about social media, communities or conversations?

Blogs are about relationships. Where have the local election blogs gone? In its last doomed attempt Labour plugged the blogs of two local election candidates. Neither were genuine blogs and they had all the hallmarks of being manufactured. Both Khevyn Limbajee’s and Claire Hamilton’s commitment was so deep that they gave up their blogs on May 5 having only started on February 9/10.

Genuine Labour bloggers talking about the World Cup and being featured on Labour’s website might have worked. Having some genuine high profile senior Labour bloggers blogging about the World Cup would also have worked. Instead Labour has just jumped on two bandwagons at once. You can imagine the thought process. “Hey blogs are big, the World Cup’s big, Alistair is famous as a footy fan – let’s get him to write a World Cup blog.”

Sadiq Khan doesn’t even bother to have a constituency blog. Don’t be fooled by the reference to Sadiq’s blog on his home page. It just takes you to a Blogger-powered static web page with no comments or trackbacks. It does have an RSS feed which you can find via autodiscovery as there is no button to promote it. In what way is that engaging with constituents?

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