Glassesdirect’s excellent customer service

As a PR company we always try to under-promise and over-deliver. I think that is an edge that we have over many of our competitors who technically can offer similar services of similar quality.

Glassesdirect (who deserve a link) appears to follow the same philosophy. It promotes itself as a cut-price alternative to the high-street opticians such as Specsavers (who don’t deserve a link). What it doesn’t do is get across what fantastic customer service Glassesdirect offers.

I’ve just bought my new glasses and after a very easy online order process they still had one or two queries about my order. They resolved these in friendly phone calls and emails which didn’t sound like they’d been churned out by a customer service automaton.

Glassesdirect is a good example of how companies can have personalities – friendly and humorous in its case. Just read this story by Keith Ryan over at The Business Editors blog.

Are Glassesdirect another company that could benefit from a blog?

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