Lewis’ Morgan McLintic on why staff churn can be a good thing

An excellent example of why blogs work is Morgan McLintic on PR and more recently Drew B’s take on tech PR (ie when I found out he worked for Lewis). You see as a tech PR person based in the north of England I’m very much outside the ‘tech PR club’ which is mainly in London and the Thames Valley. But that doesn’t stop you hearing stories. The stories I heard about Lewis PR were mainly “it’s a terrible place to work with a massive staff turnover”.

Now why am I blogging about this now? Because Morgan has just done a post on Why staff churn can be a good thing. Even before this I’d began to doubt some of the rumours I’d heard about Lewis. Morgan’s post goes someway to confirming what I was beginning to think.

The reason I’d began to doubt the worst rumours was simply because I’ve had an excellent insight into the personality and culture of the people at Lewis by reading Morgan’s and Drew’s blogs.

So yet another reason why blogs work, especially in a people business, which means that lawyers and accountants could also benefit massively from letting their personality shine.

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2 Replies to “Lewis’ Morgan McLintic on why staff churn can be a good thing

  1. Thanks Stuart – appreciate the kind words. I'm delighted that you have a more positive and more balanced opinion of my agency as a result of my blog. As you say, a blog is a great way for consultants to give an insight into their thinking and approach. It also increases your reach. In this instance, without my blog, perhaps we would not have 'met', so you would still have the same impression of the firm.

    Thanks for this. It means a lot.

  2. Thanks for the shout Stuart. Having joined the company last year, I'm not such an old timer as Morgan, having worked at a few other agencies. So now I've had the same experience as you from the outside, and now I'm blogging from the inside. But don't judge a blogger by his cover – Stephen Davies was, for whatever reason, surprised with me when he met me. God what was he expecting?!?!

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