The truth about PR and journalism


Anne Summers (Media Letters, April 10) will be pleased to know that PR can claim moral equality with journalism as the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ code of conduct has the same regard to truth as does the National Union of Journalists’ code of conduct. It would have taken her less time to do an internet search to establish this fact than it did for her to write her letter. But perhaps she was more concerned with making her biased point than the truth?

And this goes to the nub of why I believe Julia Hosbawm’s Editorial Intelligence has received such criticism. What it is trying to do is fine if done by an independent professional or trade body such as the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Institute of Journalists or National Union of Journalists but not when done by a private business which is only open to those able to pay a fat fee.

Stuart Bruce MCIPR, Partner, Bruce Marshall Associates

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  1. I agree entirely with your sentiments, Stuart. The whole thing has a ring of pot, kettle and black.

    An interesting angle to this no-one is exploring is that although I can see why you think Julia has set herself up for these accusations (private venture, huge fees etc), she claims that she is in the business of making the media more transparent.

    Richard Bailey has pointed to a revealing interview:

    But despite these protestations I'm still slightlu sceptical of the venture even though I want to like it… I really do.

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