Rupert Murdoch on the demise of ‘old media’

If you’re in business, the public or voluntary sector and you still think that this blogging and social media thing is just hot air and hype then perhaps you might take notice of Rupert Murdoch who in a speech (MediaGuardian) to The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers said: "Power is moving away from he old elite in our industry – the editors, the chief executives and, let’s face it, the proprietors."

And this bit is a blatant plug. If you’re looking for advice on how update your communications or PR strategy to take account of these changes then give me a call on 0113 282 5321 or 020 7870 5322 or email

We can help you to engage with the ‘blogosphere’ start to understand what social media, blogs and podcasts can do for you then

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  1. Stuart: I'd be interested to find out whether you got any business from this "blatant plug". Can blog posts solicit PR business? If so, I get right on it!

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