Milliband to become first blogging cabinet minister

The Sunday Times is reporting that David Milliband (who was orginally from Leeds)  is to become the first blogging cabinet minister. It’s a typical tacky Sunday Times story with more spin than a fairground ride. They lead on the rather dubious angle that it is "likely to cause concern among colleagues".

What they are actually referring to is a leaked letter expressing the concerns of his private secretary Rory O’Donnell – a civil servant. We shouldn’t be surprised that it is civil servants who are most nervous about the idea of politicians by-passing their formal consultation mechanisms and actually have real live conversations with real live people.

In my experience it doesn’t tend to be politicians who have anything to hide or anything to fear from criticism. Civil servants and local government officers on the other tend to be much more sheltered from that type of thing and many have a real fear of genuinely engaging with the public.