Microsoft acquires Onfolio for Windows Live Toolbar

This Microsoft news release is potentially very interesting. I was a big fan of Onfolio for a while. It was a fantastic way to organise information that you find by surfing. Recently I’ve actually stopped using it as the RSS reader part of it was far too slow. I have a fast PC and it was a real pain. It was also a bit basic and the watch function wasn’t that great (didn’t alert you to new items was the main problem).

Hopefully the new integrated version will be faster and better.

But why does the news release dated March 7 say "The Windows Live Toolbar beta with the Onfolio Add-in is available now and can be downloaded at" when it isn’t! The Onfolio site is more honest and says "which you can download on the afternoon of March 8th." I’m guessing this actually means this evening in UK time.

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