All the UK national newspaper RSS feeds in one place reports that the editor of the Oldham Chronicle diligently searches for ‘Oldham’ on all the national newspaper sites each morning.

The poor soul. Just imagine how long this must take him/her. My trusty FeedDemon does all that for me. You don’t even need to visit each site in order to collect the feeds as Dave has helpfully gathered them all together here. He even provides OPML files that you can download and import into your news reader / aggregator.

3 Replies to “All the UK national newspaper RSS feeds in one place

  1. I think Dave done everyone in PR a favour compiling that list. I'd love for him to do the same for the regionals. Hint hint Dave in case you're reading this. 🙂

  2. I wouldn't be too hard on the poor guy at the Oldham Chronicle – the chances are the Windows 95 browser he's stuck with on a steam-driven Pentium because the employers are too tight-fisted to buy anything newer won't handle the Javascript for even an online feedreader.

    Tell you what, I'll do a list of UK electronics titles (I happen to know that it's a very short list because it's already in my NetNewsWire setup). Some other poor sod can do IT.

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