3 Replies to “Unleash the web vandal in you

  1. Greetings my Guru,

    Your comment board appears to have wiped my first message!

    Don't panic!

    There must be a gremlin in the system, no doubt. Otherwise, you've wiped it, and I can't see that being the case as, as even a PR virgin* like myself knows, 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'.

    Though I'm not sure Myra Hindley would agree with that.

    Keep the science of public relations down to a fine art, dude!

    We still on for lunch? I'll get Geraldine to arrange. Still on the Atkins?

    Fond regards,

    PS – you doing something different with your hair? It rocks!
    * I'm not a real virgin. Too much info? Sorry, my Guru.

  2. I can think of a few sites I'd like to do that for real but modesty forbids me from mentioning which they are…BTW – I do like your support for MND – it killed my mother.

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