Has Visa’s Road to the Olympic Games blog hit a roadblock?

Phillipe Borremans reports that the Japanese Olympic Committee is telling its athletes competing at the Turin Winter Olympic Games not to blog about it. It says that the Olympic Charter bans athletes’ journalist activities while the games are on and that violators will be disqualified.

I wonder if this means that Visa’s Road to the Olympic Games won’t go all the way? It’s a pity really as I’ve been using it as an example of an innovative use of a blog to support a sponsorship programme. The About page lists the "rules of the road" but makes no mention of the fact that the blog apparently violates the Olympic Charter.

You could get in to a debate about is blogging the same as journalism but for me personally I think the fact the blog has an ‘editor’ means it is at least a type of journalism.

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines a journalist as "a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news or features to be broadcast on radio or television."

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  1. Wanted to let you know I responded to your comment on http://www.journeytotorino.com. To answer that and your point above, we've understood from the very beginning that Olympic guidelines do not allow any competing athletes to post from the Olympic Games in Torino until they are done competing. We will continue to have news and stories from the Games, as well as contributions from our Olympic Insider. So look for on-the-ground reports from Torino, and a flavor of what's going on in and around the Games. Rest assured, The Journey will continue throughout the Olympics.

  2. Most people in the blogging community consider journalism to be an activity, not a profession — so blogging would count as journalism.

    However, it's just shameful and out of touch for the IOC to prevent athletes from writing or discussing their personal Olympic experiences on their own web sites or blogs. Gimme a break.

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