Four things meme

Stephen Davies has tagged me with the four things meme so here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had:

Organic waste disposal technician (toilet cleaner)
Labour Party Regional Officer
Politician (elected councillor)
PR consultant

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Lord of the Rings (OK, really three but I like them all)
Get Carter (1971 of course)
The Italian Job (1969 of course)
Land and Freedom

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Sea of Souls
The Avengers
Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister

Four places I’ve visited on holiday:

Boston, USA
Marrakech, Morocco
Lille, France

Four favourite dishes:

Stuart’s home made ragu
Stuart’s home made lamb kebabs / chops
Karen’s home made chicken dopiaza
Karen’s home made sticky chicken

Four places I’ve lived:

Ennerdale, English Lake District
Chopwell Woods, North East England (in a house in the middle of the forest!)
Southampton (as a student)
Leeds (various parts including Headingley, Rodley, Chapeltown, Chapel Allerton,  Woodhouse, Swillington and now Rothwell)

Four sites I visit daily frequently (hard this one as I now mainly read RSS feeds in FeedDemon so I’ve changed it to frequently):

The Labour Party
IDeA Knowledge
Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

Four places I’d rather be:

Ennerdale, English Lake District
Marrakech, Morocco
Boston, USA
There’s no place like home

Four people I’m tagging:

Stuart Rock
Guy Clapperton
Karen Bruce
Max Niederhofer

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2 Replies to “Four things meme

  1. Hi Stuart

    I posted a similar comment on Stephen's blog…

    Working in PR I'm nosey by nature so this tag is great!

    Another site worth checking out is now mine! Url above…

  2. John Cass – Boston, MA – Author of "Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging," I'm a marketer whose worked in B2C and B2B marketing for 20 years. I blog at, and I'm a Founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research.
    John Cass says:

    stuart, next time you are in boston, look me up.

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