After Bad Pitch Blog we have Bad Hack Blog

How many PRs will be willing to contribute stories to the Bad Hack Blog?  Inspired by the Bad Pitch Blog it covers the flip side of the coin – the misdemeanours of journalists. Although unlike the Bad Pitch Blog it doesn’t name and shame. Come on guys how about a three strikes and you’re out rule for hacks?

Like most PRs I have some tales to tell about the antics of journalists. And like most PRs I’m too afraid to name them. As my old college lecturer used to say "laddy, never pick fights with those who buy ink by the barrel".

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  1. Good pitches strike back?

    As you should know by now, Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer started The Bad Pitch Blog in January. While I offered to post good pitches — from PR pros and journalists — no one has taken me up on my…

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