PR students: you are what you blog

John Wagner, CEO of eponymously named Houston-based Wagner Communications, points me to a post by Steve Silvers that warns students to be careful what evidence they leave on the internet about themselves. Many employers today will include a quick Google search of applicants as a standard part of the recruitment process. That embarrassing party photo of you sitting on top of a road sign with a traffic cone on your head might not be the image you want to portray.

But there is a flip side. We’re currently working with a couple of great interns from the PR degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. Try a quick Google search on Matt Peden and the second site you’ll find will be one of Matt’s contributions to our YorkshireBizTalk blog. Or try Lucy Thornhill and the first link is a blog entry by PR lecturer Richard Bailey talking about how some of his students have had letters published in national newspapers. The seventh is one of Lucy’s posts on the Crafty Plasterer, a new blog we are just about to launch for our client Aagaard Hanley (along with providing them with a new website that properly reflects what a good company it is).

And who in the PR blogosphere can fail to have heard of Stephen Davies the PR Blogger at the University of Sunderland who has secured an internship at LEWIS PR in London as a result of a blog contact with Lewis Vice President Morgan McLintic in Silicon Valley.

7 Replies to “PR students: you are what you blog

  1. Your article was particularly interesting to me, as I've been watching the progress of an MIT graduate student in his efforts to publish a survey about weblogs. He has not published yet, and may not have time to do so because of other commitments. I think we are in a new world where the each person is in a fish bowl and you have to be aware of what you post, and also how you respond online.

  2. Thanks for providing opportunities for these students. I try to teach them how to write for PR, but don't specifically use blogs as examples: it was interesting that Lucy took note of my one example of 'live publishing'. Perhaps this was because I named her in my blog post – and you've helped prove my point about Google searches. We are what we blog…

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