Google embraces braille

Today’s Google logo has had an even more dramatic makeover than it normally does. At first I thought it was hinting that Google was about to launch some exciting new accessibility tool to help blind people to use the web. But then I realised that it is probably just celebrating Louis Braille’s birthday. Unless it’s both reasons?

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  1. Dear Stuart,

    I'm afraid Google wasn't doing anything dramatic; when I paused my mouse over the graphic, the text said "Happy Birthday Louis Braille", or something similar. No new accessibility announcements that I know of.

    I also noticed something interesting in an old posting:
    The advert says "Buchanan Communications
    have…" when it should read "Buchanan
    Communications has" as a company is singular
    and not plural.

    Brits (and Commonwealth-country people) often refer to companies as plural, whereas Americans always refer to them as singular. The Brits are correct if you think of companies as collections of people; the Yanks if you realize that they are, legally, individual. Buchanan Communications was not, in the UK context at least, wrong.



  2. more than that – clicking on that logo you have a chance to start search on “louis braille birthdate”. among links first was a link to Mr. Braille profile on Wikipedia, then link on American Foundation for the Blind, which haven't seen such traffic in an ages.
    Funny thing, couple of days before that I wrote about Google magazine, kind of guide for Google-search-begginers and though of next possible steps for Google. So I wrote that they might think of development of the Braille-type version of Google – definately, I've been amazed by the "Brailled" Google logo next day 🙂
    still – there are no possibilities for Google to launch accessibility tools into their search engine except voice commands until they won't develop their own operation system or at least web browser, equipped with accessibility tools.

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