PR Week has an interesting public sector case study on the Fatmanslim.com website. It was started by Nottingham GP Ian Campbell who devised a "waist-loss" programme for men – waist-loss instead of weight-loss because the risk of coronary heart disease increases when waist size is above 94cm/37 inches.

It’s a good site but is crying out for a proper blog and podcast. It already has both elements with a weekly diary by Dr Ian Campbell and a "CD Download" of an MP3 file. All it needs is the ability to comment and trackback on the diary and some RSS feeds enabling you to subscribe.

A great example of how the public sector should be using the internet for campaigns. Unfortunately it’s not strictly a public sector campaign as it appears to have been Dr Campbell’s own initiaitve rather than something driven by his local Primary Care Trust (PCT) which is responsible for public health campaigns.