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I’ve very quickly created an image to help promote the Delivering the New PR: how blogs, podcasts and RSS can work for you conference. Other speakers, sponsors and/or delegates please feel free to use as you like. The ‘Resevoir Dogs’ style picture was taken at the previous Making the News conference and shows Philip Young, Tom Murphy, Stuart Bruce, Neville Hobson, Stephen Davies and Elizabeth Albrycht.

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  1. John Cass – Boston, MA – Author of "Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging," I'm a marketer whose worked in B2C and B2B marketing for 20 years. I blog at, and I'm a Founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research.
    john cass says:

    good to see a conference in my home county of Lancashire! I was thinking of visiting family in cheshire and derbyshire in march. Maybe I should make the trip early from Boston.


  2. David Tebbutt – London, UK – I look after the Ickenham Residents' Association website and Twitter account. My business life is explained at and I believe you can find your way from there to my Facbook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
    David Tebbutt says:

    I clicked on the link and saw a young woman promoting the New York Herald Tribune. (I wondered if they were happy with their image being used to promote the event.)
    I then clicked on the 'more info' link and was offered a pdf. A bit of a barrier for many, I'd say.
    Have I been clicking in the wrong places?

  3. As a point of clarification, the young woman promoting the New York Herald Tribune is actually an image of Jean Seberg taken from Godard's 'About De Soufle'. It's one of our favourite films and also seemed fitting for a news page entitled 'read all about it'.

    As you're probably aware the page is on the website of Don't Panic, the event management company which is co-ordinating the 'Delivering
    the New PR' conference.

    Being married to the company's MD and working in PR myself, I was fortunate enough to attend the original 'Making the News' event which was held at the University of Sunderland last November.

    I'd just like to say that it was the most useful and informative conference I've ever been to and I'd therefore recommend the Manchester event to anyone looking for an insight into the implications and opportunities presented by blogs, podcasts and RSS.


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